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Dog exercising on treadmill

Exercise Extras in Littleton

Our experienced Team and trainers understand the importance of exercise and socialization for your Dog. Our Littleton location has unparalleled exercise facilities with more than 4,500 square feet of indoor play space, and over 10,000 square feet of outdoor areas surfaced with soft, synthetic turf. Additionally, our heated indoor/outdoor Pet Pool allows Dogs to enjoy swimming year-round.

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Exercise Options for Dogs

All dogs can get a great workout with our experienced trainers in Littleton.


Our trainers will work with your dog in our pool


Safely hike


Teach them to bike

Tailored Dog Exercising Package Prices

We want your Dog to experience exercise as a fun activity, not something to dread. That’s why we offer so many different exercise options. When it comes to cost, we offer single sessions to larger session packages to help you save money. Check out our options below (*Prices subject to change without notice):

1 Dog2 Dogs
1 DAY1 Dog$402 Dogs$78 ($39 Per Dog)
5 DAY1 Dog$190 (5% Off $38 Per Hike)2 Dogs$365 ($36.50 Per Dog)
10 DAY1 Dog$360 (10% Off $ 36 Per Hike)2 Dogs$670 ($33.50 Per Dog)
20 DAY1 Dog$680 (15% Off $34 Per Hike)2 Dogs$1200 ($30 Per Dog)

Please note the second dog discount is:

  • $2 off the second dog for 1 session
  • $3 off the second dog per session for 5 sessions
  • $5 off the second dog per session for 10 sessions
  • $8 off the second dog per session for 20 sessions

Keep Your Dog’s Tail Wagging With Exercise

We’re proud to be a top choice for exceptional Dog exercising. The Come Sit Stay Pet Resorts Littleton facility offers diverse options tailored to your Dog’s interests for an enriching experience. With spacious indoor and outdoor areas, a heated Pet Pool, and various exercise packages, we aim to create a perfect mix of fun, fitness, and socialization for every Dog. Trust our experienced team to give your pet the best exercising experience possible.

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