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Owner’s Contract

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Come Sit Stay Pet Resorts ("CSS") will exercise reasonable care and will keep its facility sanitary, and property enclosed. Your Pet shall be fed properly and regularly and shall be housed in clean and safe quarters.


    While your Pet is boarded, trained, or otherwise cared for by CSS, CSS shall not be liable for death, illness, injury, loss or damage to your Pet including without limitation any disease, running away, theft, fire, injury to persons or other Pets, damage to property by your Pet, or other unavoidable causes unless the same is caused by the willful or intentional misconduct of CSS. In the unlikely event of death, the Pet will be held at CSS property pending further instructions from the owner.


    Owner acknowledges that Dogs commingle in groups and may be subjected to cuts, scrapes, bruises, illness or injury that occur during commingled play with other Dogs. Owner agrees and understands that Owner is financially responsible for any and all veterinary care which their Pet may require. If a Pet presented for boarding is found to have fleas and/or ticks it will be bathed and treated for fleas and/or ticks at Owner's expense.


    If your Pet becomes ill or injured, CSS shall contact Owner within a reasonable period of time. If Owner does not inform CSS immediately regarding measures to be taken, or if the state of the Pet's health demands quick action, CSS shall have the right to transport the Pet to a veterinarian of its choice and/or administer medicine and/or give other advisable attention, within CSS's reasonable and sole discretion and judgment, and Owner agrees that any and all expenses shall be paid immediately by the Owner. CSS has permission to give Pet(s) non-pet food products provided by Client or CSS.


    If any charges for boarding, dayplay, grooming, training, medicine, veterinary services, or any other charges are not paid within five (5) days of the due date, or if Pet is not picked up within five (5) days of the scheduled pick update, CSS will use all legal means to recover these charges. If Owner fails to pay any charge CSS maintains the right to recover all costs and fees including attorney's fees and interest.


    Owner hereby gives CSS the absolute, irrevocable right and permission to photograph Pet while at CSS and to use and publish said photos in any medium for the purpose of illustration, promotion, advertising, and trade in print or online. Owner hereby releases and discharges CSS from all and any claims and demands resulting from, or in connection with, the use of the photographs. This agreement is inclusive for all future CSS services from this date forward. This agreement is a release from liability by Owner to CSS if Pet or Owner enters Daycare Groups, Training or the Pool Room.

  • Choose One: Do Not or Do Resuscitate

  • Do Not Resuscitate Consent Form
  • When this section is consented by Owner(s) then a Veterinarian or Veterinarian Hospital will not initiate basic or advanced resuscitation on Pet(s) Name (from above) but will provide necessary comfort measures to the Pet(s).

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Resuscitate Consent Form
  • When this section is signed by Owner(s) then a Veterinarian or Veterinarian Hospital will, under all circumstances, regardless of cost, attempt resuscitation on Pet(s) Name (from above) but will provide necessary comfort measures to the Pet(s).

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Medical Cost Limit Section

  • If your Pet becomes ill, CSS will call the emergency numbers in your record. However, if no one can be reached, indicate your wishes below should your Pet require treatment to relieve immediate discomfort or resolve an important medical condition. Please perform whatever services the Veterinarian deems necessary for the best care of this Pet until I or someone I have assigned authority to can be reached. I authorize up to the following amount:

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • I Hereby Agree to the Above Contract
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

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