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Resident Dog Training From Experts

Need a well-trained Dog quickly? Our resident training services offer personalized sessions with in-house expert trainers who use reward-based training methods. Your dog will stay in one of our 84 Luxury Rooms at our Littleton facility, getting one-on-one attention and creating a fun, positive experience. Your Dog will also enjoy playtime and socializing with other Dogs. See our training packages below and find the perfect option for your Dog:

  • One Week of Dog Training With One Private Follow-Up Lesson: $750 for a Standard Room, $980 for a Queen Room, and $1275 for a King Room.
  • Three Weeks of Dog Training With Three Private Follow-Up Lessons: $2250 for a Standard Room, $2800 for a Queen Room, and $3200 for a King Room.
  • Three Weeks of Remote Off-Leash Training: $3000 for a Standard Room, $3500 for a Queen Room, and $3850 for a King Room.

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Professional Dog Training Options in Littleton, CO

Unleash your Dog’s potential with professional Dog training at Come Sit Stay Pet Resorts in Littleton, CO. Using a compassionate approach, we offer personalized sessions for Dogs and owners in a supportive environment. Learn commands, address behavioral issues, and gain off-leash reliability. Training takes place in our state-of-the-art facility and unmatched outdoor exercise areas, with options for larger rooms at an additional cost. Contact us for more information and book your sessions today.

dogs off leash

New Remote Off-Leash Training Program

Our new remote off-leash training program helps Dog owners achieve superior recall and off-leash control. Using reward-based training and the latest remote collar technology, our professional in-house trainers teach your Dog to respond to commands quickly, even from far away. This training program focuses on enhancing trust and communication between you and your Dog. Participants will receive each of the following:

  • Three weeks of fun obedience training with Boarding and social playtime followed by three weekly transfer lessons.
  • After this six-week training course, your Dog can earn their Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate.
  • An appropriate Dogtra e-collar for your Dog’s size, age, temperament, and all other equipment that is needed.
  • Lifetime consultation on your Dog’s behavior as they grow and mature.
  • One training field trip.
  • Included exercise extras if applicable.
  • Weekly updates, pictures, and videos.
group of dogs in training room

Group Training Classes Available

Our most popular training sessions are group sessions designed for Puppies and adults alike. The Level I/AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) course lays a solid foundation for basic training, manners, and socializing with other Dogs. It runs weekly for five weeks, perfect for even-tempered Dogs that thrive in group environments. For Puppies six months and younger, we offer the Puppy S.T.A.R. class. This five-week limited enrollment course focuses on basic skills to foster a strong bond with your Puppy and begin socialization with the other Puppies.

Private Dog Training Sessions Available

Private Dog training sessions are ideal for owners wanting personalized attention during training. Our expert trainers offer one-on-one sessions customized to your Dog’s needs and temperament. We use positive reinforcement in a calm setting to create an effective and enjoyable learning experience for you and your Dog. Find the best option for you and your Dog with our single sessions or package deals below (*Prices are subject to change without notice):

1-Hour Session


3-Hour Session


5-Hour Session


Customized Training Plans for Every Dog

Come Sit Stay Pet Resorts in Littleton, CO is a top choice for professional Dog training. We offer immersive one-on-one sessions and engaging group classes to meet your Dog’s unique needs. With reward-based training and personalized care, you can rest assured your Dog is in good hands. Whether addressing behavioral challenges or strengthening your bond, our experts provide guidance and support to help you achieve your goals. Discover why we are Denver’s go-to Boarding, daycare, and training facility, where pets receive VIP treatment.

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Resident Dog Training

ProgramFollowup Lessons Included Standard RoomQueen Room King Room
ProgramOne Week Resident TrainingFollowup Lessons Included 1Standard Room$750Queen Room $980King Room$1275
ProgramThree Weeks Resident TrainingFollowup Lessons Included 3Standard Room$2250Queen Room $2800King Room$3200
ProgramThree Weeks Remote Off-Leash TrainingFollowup Lessons Included 3Standard Room$3000Queen Room $3500King Room$3850