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What Makes Come Sit Stay Pet Resorts Different From Other Facilities?

  • Come Sit Stay is an All-Inclusive Pet Resort.
  • Come Sit Stay Pet Resorts have unmatched exercise areas, with over 10,000 sq ft of outdoor play area surfaced in synthetic turf, which provides a mud-free, safe, and soft play area for Pets, plus over 4,500 sq ft of indoor play areas. Your Dog will return home clean, happy, and tired.
  • Our custom-designed facilities also offer a large heated indoor/outdoor Pet Pool, making swims available year-round for our Guests who like to play in the water.
  • Pre-interviews for Boarding are not required. Our fully trained Team of animal experts will evaluate your Dog for the appropriate play group.
  • We are one of the few facilities that have specially designed dog training areas, play areas, and space to house Cats and Exotic animals.
  • Every Guest receives hands-on daily wellness checks and Report Cards at the end of every Boarding visit.
  • CSS offers curbside check-in and check-out for your added convenience.
  • Our Managers and Guest Attendants are trained in Pet First Aid/CPR with ongoing weekly reviews and daily staff meetings.
  • Our dedicated long-time key team members collectively have over 50 years of experience caring for all breeds.

Our facility is safe and secure, with 24-hour fire monitoring and a full sprinkler system, as well as a security system. Our Guests are tucked in each night with soft mood music to help relax and calm Guests at bedtime. Our year-round climate control system ensures your pet always stays comfortable.

Unlike many other pet boarding facilities, CSS does not charge additional fees for giving prescription medication, playtime, personalized food requests, and other services.

We have designed a business model that raises the standard for Pet Care. With four different-sized rooms at four different prices, we can fit anyone’s budget while still providing the ultimate in comfort and convenience. Ask the Front Desk for more information.

All our Guests, Canine and Feline, will receive at no additional charge:

  • Bedding – freshened daily
  • Up to 2 Meals per day of owner-provided food
  • Daily attention and affection from our professional Staff
  • Daily health and wellness checks by our First Aid/CPR Certified Team
  • Access to our year-round heated swimming pool or one of our fun Puppy Pools
  • Access to Indoor / Outdoor Play Areas
  • Administration of Prescribed Medications
  • Complimentary Report Card at the end of your Pet’s stay

Hours of Operation are:

  • Monday to Friday 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM
  • Saturday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Sunday 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM OR 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

The Front Desk is CLOSED to the public on all major holidays: Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.

TOURS are available without an appointment Monday – Saturday between 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Click either link to see a Virtual Tour of our Parker or Littleton facilities.

Any missing vaccinations should be given at least 2-5 days prior to visiting Come Sit Stay Pet Resorts for Boarding or Daycare.

Please note: If you get a Bordetella intranasal vaccination, we cannot allow your Dog into our facility for at least 24 hours.

Proof of your pet’s vaccination will not be kept on file. We require vaccination records be emailed 72 hours in advance of your arrival to help simplify and speed up your Check-In.

Please read our full Vaccination Policy prior to checking in:

For dogs:

  • Bordetella: Recommended every six months, required yearly.
  • Distemper: Initial puppy shots required, Booster thereafter every three years.
  • Leptospirosis: Required yearly.
  • Rabies: At 16 weeks of age, thereafter as required by law.

For cats:

  • FVRCP: Following initial kitten shots, Booster every three years.
  • Rabies: At 16 weeks of age, thereafter as required by law.

Our Exotic Guest pricing is $33/night. We do require you to bring the pets cage, bedding, exercise wheels, and food. CSS will clean and care for your Exotic Pet as requested.

We accept Pets twelve (12) weeks of age or older as long as your Pet has had two (2) series of Bordetella, Distemper and Leptospirosis.

Come Sit Stay Pet Resorts have your Pet’s best interest in mind. It is important to us that we can provide the best care for your Pet. As a Pet age, the risks while Boarding increase; therefore, CSS does not accept new Pets 12 years or older (NOTE: Littleton Location is 10 years or older). All Guests 9 – 11 years of age will be asked a series of questions to determine their eligibility for overnight boarding. Is your Pet independently mobile? Does your Pet have any debilitating medical conditions? Does your Pet have incontinence issues? Does your Pet have any special needs? If your Pet does not meet any of the above criteria, CSS recommends a pet sitter or medical board for your Pet.

We do not require a pre-boarding evaluation for our Boarding Guests as our Managers will assess your Pet(s) for appropriate playgroup placement after arrival. Our DayPlay Guests, however, do require a FREE 1/2 day evaluation to assure they are a good fit for our DayPlay program.

All Dogs six (6) months or older must be neutered or spayed to attend our DayPlay program, however, we can still accept intact pets for Boarding as these pets will go outside for playtime with a Guest Attendant and will not commingle with the other Guests. There is no extra charge for one-on-one playtimes.

There is no penalty or extra charge for our non-social Guests. These Dogs will enjoy one-on-one outdoor playtime with a Guest Attendant who will play fetch, cuddle, give belly rubs or any other request your Pet may need.

Our Guests are separated by size, age, and temperament. Our smallest Guests play in a separate play group with our other small breed Guests and our larger breed Guests play with their appropriate group.

Our Managers are happy to administer any prescribed medications your Pet requires with the exception of injections or medical needs that require overnight attention. Please make sure to tell our staff when making a reservation that your Pet will need medication. Medications must come in their original vet prescribed container, and be clearly labeled with your Pet’s name, veterinarian contact info, and dosage. There is no extra charge for administering prescribed medications. Non-prescribed medications and supplements will incur a $9/day charge.

VIP Boarding is offered at our Parker Location and is for the Dog that enjoys a more mellow Boarding experience. The VIP Area is considered a quiet zone. In this calmer space, the Guests are quiet and restful. VIP Guest profile includes, but is not limited to, older, nervous, shy, or calm Dogs. Our Guest Attendant provides individual pampered attention and supervision. This same Guest Attendant becomes a familiar face, adding another level of comfort to play and mealtimes for your Family Dog.

All our Canine Guests will receive the following perks at no additional charge:

  • Dedicated VIP Guest Attendant allows individualized attention throughout your Dog’s stay
  • More frequent and intimate play times
  • Upgraded memory foam bedding is available
  • Extended checkout time until 2:00 p.m.
  • Free private swims available upon request
  • Free bath after any consecutive 5-night stay
  • Regular pictures and reports emailed
  • Regular gourmet treats
  • Enhanced noise reduction area means a quiet zone
  • All the normal CSS loving and petting your Dog can handle

All of our training is done at our Littleton Facility. As long-time Professional Dog Trainers we believe every dog can benefit from our high-quality dog training. Our experienced dog trainers will teach you how to work more effectively with your dog. We offer results-oriented dog training, behavior modification, and specialty training services. Come Sit Stay Pet Resorts Professional Dog Training is designed to give you maximum results with minimum effort. We offer four (4) modes of training that you can choose from depending on your budget and your time availability. Call our Littleton location at 720-382-7659 today to schedule a FREE TRAINING CONSULTATION.

There are three (3) convenient ways to make a reservation. 1) Use our Online Reservation Portal (OLR) to create a profile. You can update vaccinations at that time as well. 2) Call us at our Parker or Littleton location during business hours. 3) Email either facility.

Please note: No reservation is guaranteed until one night’s deposit has been taken and you receive an email confirmation.

We require one night’s deposit to hold your Pet’s reservation. If you cancel at least 48 hours before your reservation, your deposit is refundable. During holidays, we require a $125 nonrefundable, nontransferable deposit.

Please read our full policies.

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