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We have total confidence in Come Sit Stay Littleton when we leave Bubba for training with Jaime and boarding. We can actually enjoy our vacation!

Ellie N.

Come Sit Stay provides a learning experience for you and your dog! The staff is professional and very knowledgeable. My dog loves having day dates or going for training. Can’t say enough good things about the Littleton location.

Jenny G.

Great place! Our puppy loved being there while we were on vacation. He loved playing with other dogs and the staff kept us up to date by posting pictures on their Facebook page. Would highly recommend.

Robert S.

Come, Sit , Stay has been a fantastic experience. My dog has been attending day play there for 7 years and she’s always excited to visit. The staff is friendly and professional, and love what they do. I can’t thank them enough for all the great care they provide to our furry family.

Susan R.

Everybody here takes such great care of our Sadie! She gets so excited to come to day play, and the training side of the business is top notch. I highly recommend them

Greg G.

My golden puppy loves going to come sit stay for doggy day play!! she always gets so excited when we pull up and jumps out of the car super fast, and the employees are so nice!

Payton A.

My dog has been going to day play at CSS for years, & she LOVES it! She's also done their training & boarding. Heather, Jessica & all the attendants are awesome & take great care of my girl!

Vicki B.

Come Sit Stay is great place for your pet to have a staycation while you're away! They greet you at your vehicle to take your pet inside, and bring them out when you arrive to pick them. You receive updates on how your pet is doing while you're away, and will call if there are any issues that may need to be addressed. They have both indoor and outdoor play areas for dogs.

Jim M.

Good stay for our high-energy Brittany. One note: at pickup he smelled strongly of having been spritzed with something. Since he was bathed the day before coming in, I'm curious what I smelled on him. After a couple hours in the backyard the smell went away.

Mark K.

Great place, my dog loves it. I suggest they work to remove the newly added credit card/debit card processing fee. They have tons of outside play areas and the staff are very nice and caring.

Suzanne R.

As always CSS Littleton amazing services and takes good care of our boys, what is already a mission by itself. We have been boarding our two Malinois for almost 4 years with this amazing group without any issues. The concierge is amazing with timely responses, and the guest attendants make sure our boys have a lot of fun. Super recommended!

Carolina C.

We have been boarding at CSS for many years now. That is the only place I trust leaving my 2 boys to the point we change vacation dates based on their availability! It is a 45 minutes drive from home but worth it. One of my dogs is not friendly and the staff already have the process and know how to take care of him. The staff is great, always responsive and very helpful. If one day I have to move I would take CSS with me. Thank you CSS for taking good care of my pups.

Paula K.

My dog Joey has boarded /participated in day play and has done training at come sit stay the staff is great I have been very happy and Joey is always excited to go there!

Tom B.

We have a border collie mix who takes time to warm up to people and he does very well at Come Sit Stay. He has been for a week long training as well as multiple weekend stays. He loves dogs and gets to spend his entire day interacting outside while he's here which means he sleeps for 2 full days when he comes home. Simple and seamless scheduling and always nice to know we can count on his care while we are off traveling. The staff is wonderful and we love the end of stay report cards which let us know how he is behaving with staff and dogs.

Rachel B.

Friendly staff, all seem to enjoy caring for the dogs at Come Sit Stay. Our dogs love their time there. Added baths this time, they looked great. Bosco & Lucy are very close, so we love that they can share a kennel too!

Chuck W.

This is our go to kennel. Our dog does not get along with other dogs and they take such great care of her and keep her (and other dogs) safe. Our girl is very accident prone and they always call when she hurts herself (happy tail, at one point she was playing and broke a toe nail, etc.). They also send a report card at the end of her stay letting us know how she did. If we can't take her with us, this is where she goes and I know she's loved and cared for.

Tracy C.

We love Come Sit Stay ! Neala gets excited once she sees when we are coming into the driveway. Then she has to bark to let them know she is there. Everyone there are kind and truly care about my fur babies.

Patty W.

The staff here is absolutely amazing and great with all the pets. I have done the boarding and daycare. My pup is obsessed with the day care and darts out of my car to go play. The only place I am comfortable leaving my pets. Thank you to the staff for everything.

Virginia D.

Mya enjoys going to CSS and I feel comfortable leaving her with the wonderful staff. Thank you for accommodating last minute requests and for taking care of Mya the Weim!

Terrance M.

I switched to this day about a year ago and am so glad I did! I have two dogs who attend day care there—a 12 month old puppy with lots of energy & a 6 year old adult dog. Staff is very friendly and careful to screen dogs for any illnesses. They supervise dogs to be sure they are in an appropriate play group. The facility is clean and they have separate swimming pools for big and small dogs. My dogs come home happy, socialized and very tired from their play time, which prompts them to sleep into evening hours.

Laurel K.

My dogs love love CSS! They jump out of the car and can’t wait to join the pack in the yard! I have labs so the pool is such a treat for them. The staff knows and understands my dogs and I feel very comfortable leaving them in such good hands. Management has been mostly the same since they opened and that helps with continuity and protocols aimed at keeping pets and people safe and healthy.

Nancy D.

My neighbor recommended Come Sit Stay to me a few years ago and I still thank her. The staff is wonderful, the facility is great, and my dog loves it. He’s typically falls asleep on the ride home.

Shawn M.

I've been bringing my dogs here since shortly they opened. They are great people and they look out for our animals. Highly recommend!

Mark C.

This is the best place for your fur babies to go and play while you’re at work. The people that watch your pups are awesome and so caring! Bella has been coming since she was a year, and I’ve never been disappointed and neither has she! Someone is always overseeing them so they have no issues. I only wish Bella would go into the wonderful pool they have more often. Thank you for loving her like I do.

Dee Ann N.

Come Sit Stay has been taking care of our Golden Retriever for 9 years now. He always comes home happy and healthy and we can tell he has had plenty of attention and lots of hugs!

Belinda S.

I can't share many details because I was not there, but Otto seems pretty happy and well taken care of. I have had it other places where it is clear he was not taken well care of. CSS is the best place I have used in Parker and in western Nebraska.

Josh T.

Always a great experience for my dogs. Love that I can drop them off for the day, they are treated wonderfully and if I choose, can get a bath and pedicure at the same time.

Steve J.

We love the VIP option at Come, Sit, Stay. Our little one Emma Sue is extremely shy, but she comes back SO happy and so well behaved!! They provide summary reports and photos just like a daycare. Worth every penny so definitely opt for VIP! We have been using for years and will continue be loyal - thanks for taking such good care of our daughter.

Annie W.

We love come sit stay! our doggie is always so happy and is well taken care of!

Ashley A.

Our dog Lennon loves coming here! They’ve always been proactive and have called with any concerns, which we greatly appreciate. We’ve done both boarding and play care, and always feel as though he is being well taken care of! Staff interactions have all been wonderful. We love the report cards and daily photos on social media. Looking for his photo is a daily highlight while on a trip!

Amanda B.

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